Interview with Andy Biggs.

Andy Biggs is a superb nature photographer. He lives in USA but works mostly in Tanzania so all the beautiful landscapes of Africa are just a few miles away and Andy manages to capture all the grandeur of Africa in his photographs with an exquisite composition and light. Andy Biggs’ photographs of Africa wildlife are nothing short of beautiful and touching, i love his photographs.

How did you started taking photographs and why?

I started capturing nature photographs in 2000 as a serious hobby, but had point and shoot cameras for family gatherings before that date.

In your opinion, what makes a good photo?

I think an image that captures the essence of the subject is a good place to start. Also, an image that engages the viewer. Almost like candy for the eyes.

What makes you want to capture a photo? What you must see in a subject to make you release the shutter?

I am looking to tell a story with a photograph. I want the image to have a sense of place in the world.

Do you have a routine to take the photos for your projects or you just let it happen and see where it takes you?

I definitely follow a path towards capturing my photographs. I rarely walk out and grab images, seeing what I will get. I have a large collection of images in my mind, and I try to visualize how those types of images can be captured, and then I set out to find and create those images from my mind.

At the end of a shooting session how do you choose the photos that are worth showing in your portfolio?

I need to feel that ‘wow’ factor. Something that makes the image or group of images stand out from the rest. It is not uncommon for me to spend many weeks out in the field, only to come home with 5 images or less that I am happy with.

Name a few photographers that inspired you and your work and why they inspired you.

Galen Rowell for his attraction to dynamic lighting and color, Ansel Adams for his control over the photographic process, and Eliot Porter for his pioneer spirit of color nature photography.

How digital technology changed the way we look at photography as art?

This is a tough question to answer. I think digital technology has changed the photographic landscape so quickly and so dramatically. The digital photographic process has brought so much control and power to more people than ever, and image making is a part of our modern culture. Cell phone cameras, small point and shoot cameras, all the way up to medium format digital cameras. All of them are changing the way we capture and share our images. I am glad to be a part of this paradigm shift, as I am embracing these technologies with my own photography. I use the internet to share my images with my safari customers, as I attempt to inspire people to come with me to photograph wild places in Africa and beyond.

Andy Biggs website.



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